Clinical Director


MA, BCBA, Clinical Director

Rachel is a native of Indiana, and spent more than 10 years in New York working and going to school. Rachel has experiences in education, school psychology, and mental health.

Rachel explains her background, “I am an educator, a mental health professional, and problem solver. I have had experience working with children and special needs adults for approximately 10 years. In my previous life, as a teacher, I was able to gain an understanding of how a classroom is run and what the expectations of the students were. I experienced the concerns of a parent, the frustration from a student and the expectation of a principal. I loved being a teacher, it was my passion to teach children life skills they would carry with them forever. The organization, time management, and communication skills I adopted during this time has stayed with me to this day. On weekends, I worked with special needs adults, helping them achieve social skills, life skills, and adaptive skills.”

Rachel continues, “I always had a soft spot for those who needed extra help. I love seeing the look in their eye when they feel accomplished, confidant, and understand their potential and intelligence. I was driven, I couldn’t find the support I needed as a teacher with my special education students. The behavioral needs were overpowering their ability to learn and grow. I was 100 % motivated and decided to take matters into my own hands.”

Currently, as a BCBA, Clinical Director of Autism Therapy Solutions, Rachel manages a busy clinic of over 20 therapists, assessing client behavior, implementing treatment plans that work and bring results!

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