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  • How to use a visual schedule at home

    How to use a visual schedule at home

    Many parents are sent home with visual from, school, multiple types off therapists or camp programs. However, many parents keep them in their children binder, backpack or label them as “school” items. The opposite! These items are being sent home to aid in a successful morning, night or weekend routine. Here are three basic tips… Read more

  • Best toys for a wide range of ages

    Best toys for a wide range of ages

    In the world of online shopping and toy isles its hard to choose toys for children with autism. Here are a list of toy options for open ended play, sensory integration and increasing time-on-task. Marble Run Perfect for kids of all ages. Promotes motor skills, motor imitation and multiple step directions. Naturally elicits reinforcement for… Read more

  • 4 Tips to decrease stimming

    4 Tips to decrease stimming

    Let’s first review the meaning and purpose of stimming: Just remember, life has its up and downs. We all stimuli in our own way. Allowing your child to stimuli is allowing them to relax and cope. If we are not relaxed, we cannot learn. For more information on how to manage stimming behavior, contact your… Read more

  • Why does my child tantrum ?

    Why does my child tantrum ?

    Which is what many of us wonder when looking at the screaming child in a store. Then immediately the next thoughts, “how do I stop it?” To understand how to stop, decrease or shape (change the physical aspect) of a behavior is to understand why. Why does my child tantrum? Scientists in behavior analysis and… Read more

  • Will ABA Cure My Child of Autism?

    Will ABA Cure My Child of Autism?

    The short answer is no. But the long answer is that ABA can make your child tremendously more functional.  Much depends on how severe the diagnosis is to begin with. A child with minor symptoms can expect to be fully integrated in a mainstream class, to have functional relationships with peers, and to be fairly… Read more

  • Why ABA

    Why ABA

    First it would be important to know what is ABA. ABA stands for Applied Behavioral Analysis. It was developed by renowned psychologist B.F. Skinner. As its name implies, it is the analysis of behavior, and that is the key to the method. ABA uses scientific methods to track and observe behavior. Analysts develop tools to… Read more

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