Best toys for a wide range of ages

In the world of online shopping and toy isles its hard to choose toys for children with autism.

Here are a list of toy options for open ended play, sensory integration and increasing time-on-task.

Marble Run

Perfect for kids of all ages. Promotes motor skills, motor imitation and multiple step directions. Naturally elicits reinforcement for work as the marble is placed at end of task

Sorting Bears

Beneficial for all ages, can be done without support, works on matching to sample with generalization and math skills.

Connect 4

Beneficial for social skills, matching skills, math skills, motor skills, duration of task and waiting training. Can be done indignantly or with multiple players.

Charades for Kids

Role playing skills, receptive language, listener responding, generalization and tacting feature, function and class. Wonderful for functional play skills and teaching abstract reasoning skills.

Mr. Potatoe Head

Teaches emotions, multi- part toys and labeling body parts. Great to practice communication and generalizing to child’s own body parts.

Lego Kit with Directions

Receptive language, multi-part toys, increase compliance, matching, listener responding, visual directions, reinforcement of completed toy.


Great for early communicators.

Children can receive reinforcement through babbling or approximating words/letters.

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