Will ABA Cure My Child of Autism?

The short answer is no. But the long answer is that ABA can make your child tremendously more functional.

 Much depends on how severe the diagnosis is to begin with. A child with minor symptoms can expect to be fully integrated in a mainstream class, to have functional relationships with peers, and to be fairly independent. A child with a severe diagnosis will likely not reach the same level of functionality or independence as the former child, however it is completely feasible for the child with severe symptoms to go from not speaking to speaking, from a non-verbal classroom to a verbal classroom, from constant tantrums and aggression to a calm controlled child, and from little to no social, to social peer interactions.

So while there is no real cure for Autism, there is a tremendous amount that can be accomplished through therapy, and especially ABA therapy. It is also important to realize that the therapy will take time. Some changes will come quickly, and some will be very gradual, however with patience and teamwork, involving the parents, the school, the clinicians, and therapists, it is almost certain that meaningful change will occur.

Feel free to speak to a BCBA directly for a personal consultation.

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